SS Wash Basin With Drain Board (For Railway)
The SS wash basin with drain board (For Railway) is being offered, which is used or fixed inside and outside the toilet region of the trains and platforms for washing the hands. 
SS  Wash Basin With Pedestal
The SS wash basin with pedestal is the wash basin made with high-quality stainless-steel material, making it look shiny and modern. The wash basin is easy to be fixed and maintained. 
Stainless Steel Plate Rack
The stainless steel plate rack is used to keep different plates collectively. This helps in keeping the kitchen look well arranged. The rack is robust and can withstand the weight of many plates together.
Stainless Steel Soap Dish
The stainless steel soap dish is used for keeping the soaps. The washing soaps are protectively kept in this and there is no chance of corrosion or sudden damage. 
Towel Ring
Towel ring is designed to hold the towels. The towels are kept or hung on the ring after being used. This maintains the bathroom look and prevents dripping of water all over the house.
SS Dustbin
The SS dustbin is made with high quality stainless steel. The dustbin looks shiny due to the material. This makes it look aesthetic. It is highly demanded in the corporate sector.
Stainless Steel Scrub Sink
The stainless steel scrub sink is a medical sink, used in the hospital or medical sector. The sink is fixed on the operating rooms. it provides safety and prevent the spread of infections.
Shower is the bathroom accessory that provides the flow of water. The tiny holes provide the equal distribution of water over the body and the person experiences a calm bath. 

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